About Jamie

Creating a life you love!

This is my soul’s mission

After my own path to burn out, I found my way back. I learned how to find the balance. Therefore, I am a better partner, mother, and clinician. Better yet, I really love who I am. It is clear now that I must seek to know and trust my innate intuition and always learn with the intent to teach. I must honor my highest self and lead, teach and heal with love and light.

I seek to give to those who help and heal, people just like you, the tools to feel whole. My life’s work is to teach others to find their true soul’s divine desire and express themselves authentically. I teach how to tap into your creative, playful, joyful and higher self. My clients, are able to remember their meaning and purpose just by accessing those parts of the self that have always been there, but hiding in the shadows.  I teach creating balance in your life.

Who am I?  How do I create balance?

I am a psychotherapist a self-care coach, a presenter.  I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister and an aunt.  I am a friend and so many other things.  Most of all I am real and I am me.  I love what I do and am honored to get to help people navigate life and the things it throws at us.

Are you ready to get real with your self-care?  Are you ready to create balance?

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