Five Pillars of Self-Care

I often talk self-care and focus on four primary pillars- body, mind, emotions and spirit.  However, I want add in another that is super important but I don’t often talk about.  Energy- it has not been a primary focus of my writing.  Why?  Maybe because it seems a little “woo-woo” or because I don’t feel as competent to discuss?  Truthfully, I am not sure.  While it is not typically a focus of my writing it is a focus of my own self-care practices so it feels like I am cheating you all out of something that helps me a great deal.  After some thought and meditation on this I am officially adding it and making my self-care focus on five primary pillars.  So there you go, it is there, let’s talk about it.

“Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.”
Eleanor Brownn

When it comes to self-care practicing nurturing and loving energetic self-care is vital.  Where do you do energy work?  Most of us have probably heard the term charka and may know that there are 7 well known chakras that are considered centers in the body in which energy flows through.  Blocked energy in the body can lead to illness, dis-ease, mental blocks and more so it is important to know where they are, what each does and learn to work with them.  This is a great article to help you learn more about them.  Meditating to clear your chakra’s can be a great way to start working with them.  You should be able to find plenty of great guided meditations online if that helps you.  I use the following to meditate on clearing my chakra’s;

1-      I find a comfy spot to sit.  I like to sit up nice and straight so that I can allow the energy to free flow through me.  You certainly can sit criss-cross on the floor if you like but I often sit on my couch or in a chair.  It is my experience that sitting up for this meditation is more effective but you can draw your own conclusions.  I uncross my legs and arms and keep my spine straight, close my eyes and keep my head straight.  Make sure to relax and draw your shoulders away from your ears and shake out any excess tension you may be holding in your body.  Sometimes I play music and sometimes I just allow the silence or sounds from the surrounding area.

2-       Inhaling and exhaling naturally to start allows you to begin to enter a state of relaxation.  After a few minutes of this I invite you to begin to deepen the breath. As you deepen the breath focus on making the exhale at least as long as the inhale.  As you breathe deeply you activate your parasympathetic nervous system which slows your heart rate, your body temperature lowers and you are calmer.

3-      Beginning with the Crown chakra (top of head) continue to breathe and allow all of your focus to move to that area. The crown chakra houses your spirituality and connection to all that is enlightenment.  Violet or white is the color associated with the crown chakra and so I picture white/violet light. I visualize a space on top of my head opening up and the light flowing in.   My space is like a window that I visualize opening and allowing the light in.

4-      Moving down to the Third Eye chakra right in the middle of your forehead.  Indigo is the color associated with this chakra and it holds all of your inner knowledge and knowing (especially the things you can’t always remember).  Focusing on the third eye can open you up to remembering all that you hold inside.  I picture the same window like space that opens and allows the indigo/purple light in and watch it swirl around for a few deep breaths.

5-      The Throat chakra is next and is responsible for your self-expression, communication and my favorite of all…speaking your truth!  Blue is associated with this chakra and I follow the same pattern with my chakra clearing meditation here.  I breathe deeply and visualize the chakra opening and allowing the blue in.  I watch it move and swirl and fill the space and invite it to open me to my truth.

6-      Moving down is the Heart chakra.  This is the center of self-love and self-compassion.  The color green is associated with the heart chakra and when this is open and flowing you are able to speak kindly to yourself, treat yourself with love and know that you are always enough.  I visualize the space opening and allowing beautiful green light to flow in and make itself at home.

7-      From there we go to the Solar Plexus (abdomen) which is represented by yellow and is said to be where your self-worth, self-esteem and self-confidence come from.  When the energy flows freely you know you are always worthy.  Again, I open the space and invite the yellow light in.

8-      The Sacral chakra (lower abdomen below navel) houses your sensuality, pleasure and happiness.  Orange is associated with this chakra and when it flows energy through you are confident and allow yourself to experience pleasure on all levels.  In my meditation the space opens allowing the orange light to seep in and swirl all around.

9-      Finally we arrive at the Root chakra at the base of your spine.  It holds your strength, courage and foundation.  The color red is connected to the root chakra and I love visualizing the red light entering the space that I have opened and flowing freely through the root chakra.

10-   After focusing in on all 7 main charka’s, opening the space and inviting the light in I spend a few more minutes breathing deeply and allowing the energy to flow.  When I feel led to do so I begin to move my arms and legs a little to waken my body up and bring myself back to the space in the room.  After allowing that to occur I slowly open my eyes and move on with my day.

This is always a powerful process for me and I can feel the free flowing energy after practicing this.  Come back next week and I will explain my favorite energy clearing process to you.  Please share how you clear your chakras and provide yourself with the essential energetic self-care you deserve.

Love and light,





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