Mindfulness and Meditation as Self-Care for Helping Professionals


Mindfulness and Meditation as Self-Care for Helping Professionals
2.5 CE hours

Mindfulness…as a mental health therapist I talk about mindfulness all the time. I explain it to clients, encourage them to use it, plan programs around it and read books about it. Since I started studying mindfulness in about 2008 the concept has fascinated me and it makes so much sense and is so simple. Be here, be present, focus on what is. Sounds simple yet is so very difficult to actually implement. How to make this work for you.

In this online course you will first watch the video. It discusses the concept of mindfulness and how it can be used for self-care for helping professionals.  The video is a live event that was presented to a group of mental health professionals. It includes Q & A with the audience that will hopefully answer any questions that you have.

After the video you will find a section of practice worksheets.  These are organized out into 8 weeks and the purpose is for you to implement a mindfulness/meditation practice and use the worksheets to record how your practice is for you. There are “mindful mini” tips of ways you can go about implementing mindfulness into your daily life.  We included a blank worksheet for you to custom design to fit your needs.  Please feel free to use these for your work in mindfulness and if you use them with clients please credit Jamie L. Summers Stacks, PA

The next session will give you some quotes and interesting ways to view mindfulness.

Finally you will find the power point that is reviewed in the video.   You can go through it on your own and use the material for your own practice or to teach to your clients.  Please do credit Jamie L. Summers Stacks, PA if you use outside of your own personal work.

After going through these sections you will find a quiz and evaluation.  These must be completed for you to receive any continuing education hours.  After you complete them you can download your certificate!

Thank you so much for being here.

Module 1: Video
Module 2: (DOWNLOAD) Practice Worksheets 1-6, Mindfulness Pictures/Quotes
Module 3: Mindfulness and Meditation


Mindfulness Quiz
Course Evaluation


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