Self-Care Intensive Package (six months)

Self-Care Intensives and Extended Packages – Jamie Stacks

Self-care coaching for those who help.  Self-care consults and packages for therapists who want to gain the tools to treat themselves with the same kindness and compassion that they show to others.  You will work very specifically  to learn to take care of your own emotional, spiritual and self-care health, often starting with learning what emotional health is and learning stress management strategies and self-care techniques.   You CAN go from  overwhelmed and burned out to living a life authentic to who YOU are.


Although we didn’t talk about writing and journaling-I picked mine back up last week after we talked and my nighttime routine now includes “real” books…so much awareness and support from this adventure with you!

Improved quality of life.

My life’s work is to help people who desire a more authentic and improved quality of life. You have what you need within you. You just need to access it.  You will learn about self-care, self compassion and either through face to face or online coaching you will have a guide to lead and hold you accountable as you begin to practice REAL self-care.

Coaching is very limited and can be a single self-care consult or extended coaching packages.


I slept straight through the night after our first session.  I couldn’t believe it, I never do that.


Six months: 20 % discount $3000 (can be paid in monthly installments auto drawn)

Includes two phone or zoom Self-Care Intensive per month (90 minutes)  with a self-care consult to identify your specific needs on the first call (the follow up calls/zooms will be targeted assessment of progress), summary email your first intensive with your individualized self-care Rx.  You will also have targeted email coaching available to help you stay on track with your specific goals and give you the extra support that you need to truly do the work on your self-care.     If you invest in yourself with the package you get 2 phone/zoom sessions a month, a weekly email from me with support in meeting your goals and updating your self-care Rx as needed, brief check in emails for extra encouragement and a journal to track your journey in.  I truly want you to have a life changing experience.

**Self-Care package Rx is a prescription for your self-care custom designed for you after we meet.  It is much more comprehensive than the it a Self-Care Intensive Session Rx.  It will include the following:  tailor designed recorded yoga practice, personalized recorded guided meditations/affirmation’s and a guided plan for you to follow with clear action steps that will target all five areas of self-care.  These areas include physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic.


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