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Welcome!  So you wanna join the Be Your Love Story: Self-Care Tribe?  I would be honored to have you here.

What is the Be Your Love Story: Self-Care Tribe (BYLS) Tribe It is a collective of women entrepreneurs’ who strive for more.

This is for female entrepreneur’s, psychotherapists, social workers, psychologist and other mental health professionals as well as expanding to other female entrepreneur’s.  Those other female entrepreneur’s who are moms and partners and play many other roles, who struggle to get the daily things done and feel like it is impossible to ever get around to taking care of themselves.  Maybe the mom, entrepreneur who works from home part of the week and also maybe has a “day job”.  Those that tend to struggle with their own self-care yet need to have the “me time” in order to not totally lose her sh*t.. The women who may appear to have it all together but are falling apart inside and fear taking time for themselves.  Fear appearing selfish or losing business or neglecting their kids.  Intelligent, giving (even to a fault), driven, strives to be the best (perfectionist), doubts herself at times but knows she has worth, wants to model good self-care as much or more than do it for herself.  Busy, busy, busy but desires alone/down time, feels like she exists for everyone else.  The woman that is not sure who she is independent of the roles she plays and doesn’t quite believe that self-care can be a way of daily life but desperately wants to.   The woman that we have all been at some point (and may still be)

What do we do?

I provide direct feedback to YOUR story and YOUR questions in very specific ways.  You tell me what you need and I create it :).  Now, I am not magic so it has to be within reason.

What do you get?

Worksheets, PDF’s, guided meditations (personalized for your area of need), quizzes, action plans and accountability in addition to office hours with me and other like-minded BYLS tribe members!