Self-Awareness Challenge 2017

Self-Awareness challenge announcement!  NOVEMBER 1

We are about to kick off a big important challenge?  What is it?  It is 30 days of super duper deep self-awareness. Each day during the challenge I will post a “what would you do if….”  post to get us thinking and talking about how we could use self-awareness around all the life things that can pop up unexpectedly..  Things that have happened to clinicians just like you and I.  The challenge is asking you to put some thought into these issues and situations and creating self-awareness around how you would handle it.  How would it impact you and most importantly how you can you make sure you have things in place to support you for your “when this happens” moment.  I will post on my business FB page which is right here, in the REAL Self-Care for Therapist  FB group which is right here and am going to connect with other groups and share in those as well.  I will let you know which one’s soon! Let’s really connect and talk and share ideas and thoughts.  

Why the self-awareness challenge?

Everyday there are stories of clinicians leaving this field because of the burn out and stress. We hear of serious ethical violations all the time made by good therapists due to burn out and stress and LACK of self-awareness of what they NEED.

Self-awareness around taking care of ourselves as clinicians has never been as talked about it as it is becoming. Thankfully, there is more and more research being done now but we have to get involved.

Depression, suicide, substance abuse, sexual misconduct, burnout, and relational problems can all be realistic and serious concerns for therapists who do not effectively care for themselves and cope with the unique occupational stressors they face (Brady, Guy, & Norcross, 1994). The knowledge that therapists can do harm to their clients and themselves by not being aware of, and attending to, their own needs has driven this field of research.

THIS is the drive behind the upcoming self-awareness challenge. Get ready for a BIG self-awareness challenge. We are going to change lives! Are you in?

How you can get involved right now!

Hop over to my FB business page (here),  “like” the page so you will get updates and find the pinned post and type “I’m in!” and please tag friends or colleagues who could benefit as well.   I need help getting people involved.  Let’s make this thing BIG.