Self-Care Workbook/Group Curriculum for Adults Pre-orders

You said you wanted it, now here is your chance! Self-Care group workbook curriculum to use with clients. Pre-order’s start today. Pre-sale price is $35.  Click below and then hit purchase button!

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As you know, self-care is my gig and I LOVE spreading the love.

It’s been in the works for a while now to actually put this into a usable, downloadable form and now it is reality!

My flavor is a big ole mixing pot of psychotherapy, self-care, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, self-compassion and the wealth of information that my life (personal and professional) have taught me and that is what the workbook reflects. The lessons, discussions, quizzes and PDF’s in this curriculum workbook were created after years of work with clients and interviewing thousands of people about self-care!

This curriculum is a 9 session step by step guide to leading a self-care group with clients.

Curriculum is designed to meet weekly with members practicing skills between group and discussing at the “check in” of the next week. However, maybe you want to do every other week? Or twice a week? Make it work for you!

The workbook outlines the objective of the session, check in ideas, discussion prompts on the session objective, a list of any supplies needed, a lesson (quiz, PDF etc) related to the session objective and discussion questions (intended to be done at home but make it your own!) that will help participants implement the skills into their daily lives.

Outline of the session content:

Session 1- Begin the process of how you think about self-care.

Session 2- Assess current self-care techniques

Session 3- Identify values that will shape your life choices.

Session 4 -Assessing support systems

Session 5- -Look at internal/external factors of self-care

Session 6-Mindfulness/meditation

Session 7-Creating balance/integration in your life

Session 8 -Creativity-play-joy

Session 9- Spirituality – connection to something bigger than yourself

Pre-sales will run through July 31 and workbook is estimated to be out no later than August 31.  This is an estimation and subject to change.  Pre-sale price is $35 and after July 31 price will increase to $45.  Order here.

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