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Law & Ethics In Private Practice: Self-Care & the Clinician

6 NBCC approved CE hours

You need a Law and Ethics course for renewing your license- so why not do a course that actually is focused on BETTER services to your clients and more joy and longevity for you?  Get the course HERE

Did you know that caring for yourself as the therapist is an integral part of ethics of the mental health profession and can help you avoid legal and ethical violations?

Join us for the online self-paced program.  This interactive, experiential training that is going to help you connect law and ethics to your real life, day-to-day work with clients.  You will not only learn, but create a plan of ACTION to implement the strategies you learn into your clinical practice and daily life.

What is included?

  • Discover what your own self-care core beliefs are and how they inform the choices you make daily that can protect you from, or put you at risk for legal and ethical violations
  • Learn why caring for the clinician is an ethical imperative and how it relates to your clients.
  • Evaluate your current self-care practices and how to improve them if  they are not enough to protect your clients and you from your own burn-out, compassion fatigue, and legal risk factors
  • Learn what to do.  You will get a guided meditation and some mindfulness exercises that you can implement. In a law and ethics training? What? Yes! Experience it for yourself.
  • Create your own action plan during the training!

My teaching style is all about helping you see how you can take the material and apply it to your daily life.  This is where the rubber meets the road…let’s make self-care a way of life for you rather than another to-do list.  The videos audios, worksheets and PDF’s will help you learn the importance of self-care for YOU…not just other people.


Online, self-paced course!!  You can complete from anywhere. All you need is your computer and internet access.

$150 Includes 8 modules of fun and engaging content and 6 NBCC approved CE hours.

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