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Center for Counselor Renewal

Welcome to the CE training center for mental health professionals that understands you

Do you wonder why you decided to become a counselor some days (or most days)?

Is your idea of self-care getting another certificate?

Are you neglecting family and friends for work? Here at the Center for Counselor Renewal we get it.

Burn out is a real thing and it is far easier to get there than you might think.  As clinicians’ we care about our clients.  We put our heart and soul into our work and people trust us with their biggest stuff every day.  We hold space for those who hurt but who holds space for us?

We give and give but often forget to give back to ourselves.  We have failing relationships, we are sick and unhealthy, we are business owners who not only do the therapy we do it all.  It is exhausting, right?

At the Center for Counselor Renewal (CCR) the goal is to help you renew yourself in many ways.  We offer a variety of online NBCC approved continuing education courses that are available for purchase as well as offer live online events (that are recorded and then available for those who missed it live). CE courses designed to educate and help you!

The CE courses at CCR are designed to not only give you the CE hours you need to renew your license.  They are designed to renew YOU!  Imagine interactive, experiential CE trainings where work meets self.  How about a CEU course that will help you connect law and ethics to your real life, day-to-day work with clients (check it out here)?  How about a training that will teach you mindfulness and give you the tools for a six week mindfulness program to really integrate it into your life.  Sound good?  Take a look here.   In the CE courses you will find at CCR you will not only learn, but PRACTICE strategies that you can integrate into your daily life, improving you life and your work with clients.

Don’t we all do better work when we feel good?  Did you know that caring for yourself as the therapist is an integral part of the ethics of the mental health profession?  If we neglect our own care we put ourselves and our clients at risk.  CCR is here for all of your CE needs and to help you reconnect to yourself.

Please make yourself at home.

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