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Do you suffer from codependency or trauma/PTSD?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed?

Do you ever have to deal with unwanted life changes?

Do you ever need extra support?

Do you suffer from substance abuse or additction issues?

Do not worry...you are not alone. Many people face these same problems. I can help you!

I practice psychotherapy with adults/adolescents, individually or with families/partners. The focus of my practice is helping people to recover from anxiety, depression and addictions, trauma, PTSD and co dependency issues.. My life's work is to help people who desire a more authentic and improved quality of life. You have what you need within you. You just need to access it. The way I work varies from client to client but I use a great deal of CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) which focuses on learning to become aware of and learn to change your thought processes. I also use and strongly support a holistic approach integrating body, mind and spirit. I often do guided meditations and breathing exercises in sessions. I am training specifically for yoga to use with mental illness and look forward to developing this. The treatment you receive will be designed to meet your needs.

I will be offering mediation programs and a fascinating group on shame and dealing with vulnerbility based on a work from Brené Brown who has focused her career on studying and researching shame.

I have a certification to provide telephone and online (email and/or chat) therapy services as well. Perfect for those who have trouble getting in sometimes! I am also a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor (LADAC).

Email me for more information at jamiestacks.thc@gmail.com.

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